Earthquake hits Wash DC area; talking about natural disaster risk

A 5.8 earthquake hit the Washington (DC) area, centered about 50 miles southwest but felt as far south as North Carolina and as far north as Boston. No serious damage appears to have been done. Normally we wouldn’t… Read More

787 certification expected this week

Bloomberg News writes that 787 certification may come August 26. In a superb article giving a current assessment of the program, Bloomberg cites Bernstein Research as estimating the first 1,000 airplanes will cost an average of $116m each…. Read More

Odds and Ends: Delta’s small jet deferral and other things

Delta Air Lines deferred the highly anticipated order for the 100-150 seat airplane due to worries about taking on too much debt in the current economic environment. Multiple sources say Bombardier’s CSeries had been favored over the Embraer… Read More

Delta to order 737-900s, small airplane order deferred

Bloomberg News just tweeted Delta Air Lines is to order 100 Boeing 737-900s. WE have three sources saying the same, though without the number. Boeing won the deal over the Airbus A320/320neo due to earlier delivery positions and… Read More

Boeing’s next five weeks

The next five weeks should be pretty exciting for Boeing–and significant. Last week, the company received certification of the 747-8F from the FAA. Before the end of the month, the Board of Directors is to receive from Boeing… Read More

Name that plane-the 737 re-engine

With Steve Wilhelm of the Puget Sound Business Journal getting a scoop that Boeing is naming the re-engined 737 the NE737, which we were underwhelmed by, and the conversation in the Internet and analyst community about the name,… Read More

Talk of 60 737s a month unjustified, says analyst

Note: According to the Puget Sound Business Journal, the new name for the 737RE is the NE737 (presumably for NewEngine). Dunno about you, but we are underwhelmed. Note 2: On another topic, Boeing got certification of the 747-8…. Read More

Flightblogger on 737RE, Aeroturbopower on A320 v 737-800

Two very interesting posts came up today. The first is from Aeroturbopower, a blog that concentrates on engines and engine-related stuff. In today’s post, Aeroturbopower has a very interesting analysis on fuel burn on the Airbus A320 vs… Read More

Milestone in aerial refueling: the unmanned KC-10

Very clever and creative flying, as reported here.

Qantas, Transaero buy Airbus; Hazy cool to 737RE

AirInsight just posted three pieces about aircraft developments. One concerns the big order from Qantas for A320/A320neos, another is about the Transaero deal for the A320neo and the third is our report referenced in the 777 post below… Read More