Odds and Ends: Designing 737 MAX; RR & PW; CFM

737 MAX: Boeing Frontiers Magazine has a long article with lots of pictures describing the designing process of the Advanced Technology Winglets.

RR-PW on big engines: Aviation Week has this article speculating on the prospect of Rolls-Royce and Pratt & Whitney teaming to offer an engine for the Boeing 777X.

CFM says the use of advanced materials will reduce fuel consumption in the LEAP-1A (Airbus) engine by 1.5%, which happens to be the amount John Leahy of Airbus said that PW’s GTF has an advantage over LEAP.

4 Comments on “Odds and Ends: Designing 737 MAX; RR & PW; CFM

  1. CFM and CMCs:
    aren’t those 1.5% ( or a bit more ) the “shovel of coals” they had added to the specs to siddle up to the GTF?. This news then is about the how of achieving advertised specs and not a further increase in specs, right?

    • CFM needs CFCs to achieve their targets with acceptable on wing time.
      P&W does not. Simple.

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