Airbus, Boeing battle for US MAX-NEO market share

With the announcement by Alaska Airlines for 20 737 MAX 8s, 17 737 MAX 9s (and 13 Next-Generation 737-900ERs), Airbus and Boeing continue their battle for the US market.

There are still a number of customers who have not ordered either aircraft. US Airways has been exclusively an Airbus customer. Airbus lost a hard-fought battle to Boeing in the competition for the A321-737-900ER order. ILFC orders seem to be on hold pending its Initial Public Stock offering.

737 MAX A320neo No Order Yet
American* Spirit Airlines US Airways
Aviation Capital Group** Frontier Airlines Delta Air Lines
Southwest Airlines jetBlue
United Airlines American*
Air Lease Corp Aviation Capital Group
GECAS CIT Aerospace
 Alaska Virgin America
*To be affirmed in bankruptcy court**Commitment, not yet converted to firm order  ILFC

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  1. You listed ILFC as both ordering the A-320NEO, and “No Order Yet”. You also did the same to CIT Aerospace. I think they both have the NEO on order. It is good that Alaska ordered the MAX and NG today. I am not sure the Frntier order will last as that airline is in deep financial trouble. There is also a chance the bankruptcy court will order AA to cancel either their MAX or their NEO order and only one order survive. They may give American a choice which order will survive.
    DL will eventually order more NB airplanes. I would say this is Boeing’s order to loose and Airbus will try very hard since they lost an order for 100 A-321s to the DL order of 100 B-737-900ERs last year.
    For those yet to comment, only US based companies are listed, not the international companies or airlines.

  2. Dear All,

    My first post on these boards, and it is numbers unfortunately. Based on the airlines and leasing companies listed by Leehamnews and the news articles published when the orders/commitments were made, Boeing has 582 orders for the MAX and Airbus has 505 for the NEO. This gives Boeing a 53.54% market-share and Airbus 46.46%. This, as noted by KC135TopBoom is the United States market, although leasing firms may lease their aircraft to third parties based outside the United States.

    Please note that I have not differentiated between orders and commitments. However, I have excluded options from the table.

    I have also not taken into account potential cancellations due to airline performance or court rulings. My apologies to KC135.

    • What is the percentage of NEO vs MAX in EU? I guess its more a clear NEO win there? What market is bigger? EU or US?

  3. I think the marketshares between the A320 and 737 families will be about 50-50 if both have similar performance.

    Looking at payload-range, runway performance, cargo capabilities and sfc of the engines offered on both, that will probably not be the case.

  4. 7-21-2010 American Airlines places world’s largest aircraft order: 460 Boeing and Airbus

    On 10-4-20011, American airline shares plunged 33% on renewed fears that the nation’s third-largest airline by traffic ultimately may be forced to seek bankruptcy protection in a worsening economy


  5. The 737 MAX is the best Boeing can do!
    With its 17.2 wide seat, with its manual cargo bay loading system
    Boeing has learn nothing from the interior design of the 787 and the Bombardier’s C Series
    The 737 Max and 787-9 and -10 will not see production for several years
    Other head line in the news outline the following
    Richard Anderson, CEO of the world’s biggest airline Delta airline, in terms of fleet size, is more focused on reliable aircraft performance than fuel economy and more on flight frequency than aircraft size.
    Boeing Yellowstone Project – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Yellowstone is a Boeing Commercial Airplanes project to replace its entire civil aircraft portfolio with advanced technology aircraft.

    737 Max development cost to be twice A320neo: report
    By: Jon Ostrower Washington DC
    Jan 2012
    With a greater level of structural modification required to accommodate new CFM International Leap-1B engines, Boeing’s cost to develop the re-engined 737 Max is to be double that of Airbus, estimated a new report.

    The 737 was design in 1966 base on the 707 of 1958

    The manufacture Technologies of the 737 date back to 1958

    While Northrop and Boeing was working on the B-2 in the 1980 and later on the 777-200 in 1990,
    Boeing did not see the need to update the 737 or the rest of the product line with all the 777 Technologies
    Composite floor beam, and panels ect
    The 737 has been upgrade with up turbo fan engines, wing lets, glass flight deck.
    Boeing will be the first aircraft company to offer a 1950 retro aircraft there still a market for Dc-3 with Turbo Prop Engines too
    The time Boeing design a new reenforce wing and under carriage, loner land gear so the propellers in will not hit the ground new engine with bigger engine nacelle that cause more drag and less fuel economy over the exiting the 737-NC

  6. If Boeing build the 737Max its will offer a replacement aircraft in 2025

    Boeing Y1, to replace the Boeing 737 product line.[2] Y1 covers the 100- to 200-passenger market, and is expected to be the second Yellowstone Project aircraft to be developed. Boeing submitted a patent application in November 2009, that was released to the public in August 2010, that envisions an elliptical composite fuselage, and likely signals the company’s planning for the 737 successor.[3][4] In early 2011, Boeing outlined plans for a 737 replacement that would arrive in 2020.[5][6] But the development of the 737 replacement was pushed back with the decision to launch the 737 MAX, an updated and re-engined version of the 737 in August 2011.
    And some time in the future Boeing may build the 737 Max which has 694 FIRM orders
    American airline has filing for bankruptcy and its order for 200 737 Max is in the hand of bankruptcy court

    Southwest is delaying its orders of 737 aircraft for four years to conserve capital
    But Southwest has orders additional 268 sets of winglets for 737NGs

    Lion Air (including its Wings Air subsidiary) is on the list of air carriers banned in the European Union due to safety concerns as of June 2011.
    Delta airline has delay its order for aircraft still 2020
    Lion Air is on the list of air carriers that banned in the European Union due to safety concerns as of June 2011. Lion Air has 201 orders for the 737 max
    694 orders for the 737max – 201 for lion air -200 for American airlines – leave 293 orders for the 737 max
    Boeing is delaying the 777-X and all future programs to the end of the century to conserve capital
    But that ok Jim Albaugh got he’s 57 million to leave the company
    Boeing will need to sell 1100 to made a profit on 787-8 and the 747-8 only has 111 orders for 747-8 which is two years late and 2.4 billion over budget, 787-8 has cost Boeing 32 billion for first 40 787-8 aircraft and 55 787-8 need to rework

  7. Thomas, are you John Loengard of Seattletimes?

    I agree the MAX is the best/ only Boeing could do at this stage. Also the NG in the nineties was a good idea, looking at sales.

    The only thing I can blame them for is not increasing ground clearance in the nineties for the NG while developing a new wing. The advantages / technology / efficiencies of higher BPR engines was clear 40 yrs ago and the opportunities regarding bigger engines on the A320 25 yrs ago. As was growing Asia and the limitted amount of oil on earth..

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