Odds and Ends: From EADS’ Investors’ Day; Illinois and 777X; Air Canada; LOT gets $33m from Boeing

From EADS’ Investors Day 1: Airbus parent EADS is having two days worth of briefings for aerospace analysts. Here’s initial news coverage from Day 1:

Reuters: EADS strategy stresses Airbus

Reuters: EADS IDs new dividend policy, A350 target

Illinois and 777X: Add the Prairie State to those submitting bids to Boeing for the 777X assembly site. Illinois was previously not included in any list that we saw.

Air Canada: The airline’s Board of Directors meets today to ratify staff recommendations to replace the Airbus A319/320/321 fleet. Airbus and Boeing are competing with their A320neo and 737 MAX families. This competition is said to be only for the 150-200 seat sector. A separate decision for the 100-149 seat sector is expected to come next year. Bombardier hopes to win that part of the deal.

Update, 10:30 PST: The Wall Street Journal says Air Canada and Boeing are negotiating a deal for 50 737 MAXes.

Update, 11:15am PST:

LOT gets $33m from Boeing: Reuters reports that LOT Polish Airlines will receive $33m from Boeing for the 787 problems. Payments will be in cash, the news agency says.

5 Comments on “Odds and Ends: From EADS’ Investors’ Day; Illinois and 777X; Air Canada; LOT gets $33m from Boeing

  1. Jon Ostrower reports that AC is now exclusively negotiating with Boeing, not Airbus:

    WSJ EXCLUSIVE: Boeing now in exclusive negotiations w/ Air Canada for at least 50 737 Max jets. AC is A320 operator. http://t.co/M8hOdrIVdM— Jon Ostrower (@jonostrower) 11. Dezember 2013

  2. AC getting 737s would not be a surprise after having ordered 777s & 787s.

    The surprise would be that they renew the A320s with NEOs 😉

    Unfortunatly I am afraid that the passenger will one again loose in this deal as the 737s are less roomy.

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