A321 accounts for 50%+ of future deliveries; few production gaps

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Sept. 12, 2019, © Leeham News: More than half the Airbus A320 family scheduled for delivery over the next four years will be the A321neo, according to an analysis performed by LNA.

Airbus is sold out through 2024 the current production rate of 60/mo or 720 per year.

The production rate increases to 63/mo next year, although LNA doesn’t have a precise time when this occurs.

A variable is also whether a full 12 months of production is calculated, or only 11 ½ months to allow for the summer vacation shutdown.

Either way, the production gaps appear manageable through 2024.


  • Previous Airbus forecasts A321 would account for half of production were viewed skeptically.
  • A321 long-term future depends on Boeing’s decision over the New Midmarket Airplane.

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