Coronavirus upends Airbus, Embraer in addition to Boeing woes

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By Scott Hamilton


March 23, 2020, © Leeham News: The dramatically and continuously worsening impact of coronavirus worldwide is upending Boeing—more than it has been—and Airbus.

Boeing is considering shutting the wide-body production lines, The Seattle Times reported. It also wants US government aid.

Source: CDC.

Airbus shut its assembly lines in France and Spain for four days in response to federal restrictions.

LNA previously wrote about the impact it sees on Boeing and, to a degree, on Airbus.

These analyses are updated to the latest circumstances.

We also add a look at Embraer delivery stream for March-December.

  • Even if Boeing recertifies the 737 MAX by mid-year, deliveries now in doubt.
  • Customers can cancel MAXes without penalty.
  • Airbus faces massive deferrals under the circumstances. Penalties apply.
  • Embraer’s customer concentration is in USA.

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