Sunset of the Quads, Part 6. The A340-600 versus the 777-300ER.

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By Bjorn Fehrm


September 10, 2020, © Leeham News: The Airbus A340-600 was designed to challenge Boeing’s hold of the large, long-haul jets. With a capacity 60 seats above the previous largest Airbus jet, the A340-300, and a 7,500nm range, it should put Airbus firmly on the long-haul map.

The A340-600 would be flying its 350 passengers as long and for a lower cost than the 20 seats larger Boeing 747-400, the then-largest long-haul Boeing jet. It would have worked hadn’t Boeing upgraded the 777-300 to the 777-300ER and surpassed the spec. How much better did that make the 777-300ER when it arrived in 2004?

  • The A340-600 could take almost as many passengers as the Boeing 747-400 and fly these to the same distance.
  • In addition, it loaded more LD3 cargo containers and burned only three-quarters of the fuel of a 747-400.
  • But the advantage of the A340-600 was shortlived. Only two years later Boeing responded with the 777-300ER which bettered the Airbus on almost all accounts.

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