Boeing’s dilemma in the 125-170 seat sector

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By Scott Hamilton


May 24, 2021, © Leeham News: NMA. 777X. The 200-270 seat sector.

While Boeing grapples about what to do in the 200-270 seat sector, the heart of the single-aisle market represented by the 737-8 and A320neo faces a replacement decision, too. Photo: Boeing.

A lot of attention goes to these two Boeing airplane programs and the +200 seat sector.

However, the single-aisle market below 170 seats is the next arena that needs updating.

Many expect Boeing to decide by 2023 whether to launch a new airplane program in the +200 market. Airbus is waiting to see what Boeing does before moving.

Boeing’s heart of the single-aisle market is, of course, the 737-8 and before it, the 737-800. There are thousands of the for former on order and in service of the latter.

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