Countdown to 737RE or NSA: Odds now favor Re-engine

It’s been a slow but steady shift in Boeing’s thinking that became evident during the pre-Paris Air Show briefings: Boeing is warming to the idea of re-engining the 737. According to sources with direct knowledge of the situation,… Read More

What should Boeing do for 737 class?

Building Boeing’s New Small Airplane

An aside before getting into the heart of this post: the following was sent by a Wall Street analyst upon hearing the news that Boeing will lose $300m on the first 18 KC-46A tankers. KC-46A over-runs. In the… Read More

Advancing NEO puts pressure on Boeing

Here’s the last of three stories on the Boeing 737, the A320neo and the new Boeing airplane.

Boeing shelved 737RE–new airplane appears to be shelved for now, too

It’s stunning news: Boeing may be shelving, at least for now, the prospect of a new airplane widely anticipated to be announced at the Paris Air Show. Boeing previously shelved the prospective 737RE (Re-Engine). Buckingham Research, a boutique… Read More

Boeing leans toward new 737, not Re-Engine: analyst

Boeing is leaning toward a new airplane to replace the 737 rather than proceeding with a re-engining program, an aerospace analyst wrote in a report issued today. Richard Safran of the boutique Buckingham Research came away from Boeing… Read More

Don’t assume A320, 737 RE programs

Geneva, Switzerland: Here is a report we did for Commercial Aviation Online from the Aircraft Finance and Commercial Aviation conference, followed by some additional commentary and reporting exclusive to this column concerning the prospect of re-engining the Airbus… Read More

Day 2 from Geneva

The second day at the Aircraft Finance and Commercial Aviation Conference in Geneva, Switzerland, covered a lot of ground but the most interesting for our readers is the skepticism over the prospect of re-engining the Boeing 737 and… Read More

A320, 737 Re-engine picks up steam

This story has suddenly picked up speed as both Airbus and Boeing discuss re-engine options for their single aisle airplanes. Scott Hamilton and Jon Ostrower discuss the nuances facing both firms – the engine options, the competitor moves… Read More