Predict: What will be the most momentous event of 2013?

2013 stands to be a pretty eventful year, and we’ve listed thoughts for you to vote on. We’ll hide results until voting is complete.

Now a key question: SPEEA and Boeing are on a collision course. Talks resume Jan. 9, but SPEEA already is on record believing talks will immediately collapse. A strike date of Feb. 1 is targeted, but membership has to take a strike vote before a walk out can occur. It’s your turn to vote:

If a contract agreement is not reached, will SPEEA actually go on strike or will talks continue?

2012’s Most Momentous event: were readers correct?

A year ago we asked the following question and received the results. Now that 2012 is all but over, do you agree with your own forecasts?

What is the most momentous event you predict for 2012?

Answer Percent
Boeing doesn’ t ramp of 787 as expected 28%
Airbus slips its schedule for the A350 23%
Boeing meets ramp up expectations for the 787 12%
Airbus stays on schedule with the A350 11%
US Airways makes a bid for American Airlines 10%
Bombardier has first flight of CSeries by year end 9%
American Airlines tells US Airways to sniff its own exhaust 4%
Bombardier’s first flight for CSeries slips into 2013 2%

Odds and Ends: E-190 v Superjet v BBD in Russia; China’s aviation; WestJet’s speed dating; Crandall speaks

E-190 v Superjet v Bombardier: With the finding that the pilot of the demo flight of the Sukhoi SSJ 100 Superjet simply flew into a mountain in Indonesia, rather than there being a problem with the airplane, the cloud has been lifted from the aircraft. So the direct match-up of the SSJ vs the Embraer E-190 can now be compared and this article does so. Bombardier’s CRJ-900 and CRJ-1000 also compete.

China’s Aviation: Airbus and Boeing think China pose the greatest threat in the future, but this analyst is less enthusiastic.

WestJet of Canada: The low cost carrier took a bold step to order up to 45 Bombardier Q400s to feed itself. Now it’s using speed dating to decide where to fly the airplanes.

Crandall speaks on AA-US merger: Former American Airlines CEO Robert Crandall weighs in on the merger between American Airlines and US Airways.