Boeing MAX v Airbus NEO; Fan size and optimizing the LEAP for MAX, Part 2

The war of words between Airbus and Boeing continued unabated at the Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance 11th Annual Conference this week in suburban Seattle. As fully expected, Airbus said its planes are better than Boeing and Boeing said… Read More

Optimizing LEAP for 737 MAX

There has been a great deal of debate over whether Boeing can meet the SFC reduction targets for its 737 MAX. This debate revolves in part because neither Boeing or CFM have been forthcoming about details how the… Read More

Pass the FAA Reauthorization bill and move on to NextGen

Update, 310PM PST: The Senate voted to pass the Bill, 75-20. Now over to the White House, where labor urges a veto. Original Post: At long, long last, it looks like Congress is going to approve long-term funding… Read More

Odds and Ends: Bombardier, Kingfisher, Southwest

CSeries: Blogger Airline Reporter has this post after touring the Bombardier CSeries mock-up. We’ve seen it before and came away with the same impressions. What caught our eye was this comment: All the time , I hear people… Read More

Malev, Spanair shutdowns add to parked aircraft

Today’s shutdown of Hungary’s Malev Airlines and the recent cessation by Spain’s Spanair adds to the number of parked aircraft and will make it just a little bit more challenging to remarket Boeing 737s and Airbus A320s. As… Read More

Silly argument by jilted Kansas

Politicians in Kansas have asked for a review on national security grounds of the Boeing decision to close its defense operations in Wichita, according to this news report. This is just silly. Boeing has plenty of security clearances… Read More