Odds and Ends: Bombardier and American; C919 EIS; Europe blinks

Bombardier and American Airlines: Bloomberg has an analysis of the campaign at American Airlines for a large regional jet order, and how vital it is to Bombardier to win the deal. Embraer won three previous important orders from the US major airlines, leaving American the last remaining prize in the near-term.

C919 Entry-into-Service: Reuters has an analysis about the Chinese effort to challenge Airbus and Boeing with the COMAC C919, and the continued challenges to do so. EIS is now figured for 2018.

Europe blinks on emissions: The European Union blinked on its long-running effort to force all airlines to pay a fine if they don’t meet emission standards. The effort met with international resistance, with China leading the way. Chinese orders for Airbus A320s and A330s had been held up. The Chinese earlier ordered the A320s, but still blocked A330 purchases by its airlines. We’ll see how quickly these orders come through.

5 Comments on “Odds and Ends: Bombardier and American; C919 EIS; Europe blinks

  1. Scott- I know this is way off topic but something seems amiss on the MAX side that I hope you may be able to answer. I was checking the Boeing orders and saw that neither GECAS or ILFC have ordered any MAX aircraft. Why would they be waiting so late to begin placing orders? Have the recent losses to NEO caused them to be concerned about the market’s interest? Also, ILGC has no inventory of 777-300ERs and they’ve not placed orders. That is strange also.

  2. I know it’s ILFC. I can’t seem to make my window large enough for all the words I seem to type!!!

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