Airbus A350-1000 certified. How good is it?

By Bjorn Fehrm

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November 23, 2017, © Leeham Co.: The Airbus A350-1000 received its airworthiness certificate Tuesday, after a smooth flight test campaign. The first serial aircraft is in final assembly, for delivery to Qatar Airways next month.

With the A350-1000 now on the market, we check the efficiency difference between the A350-1000 and its main competitor, Boeing's 777.

Figure 1. A350-1000 at cold weather testing in North Canada. Source: Airbus.

With the 777-8 five years away, we compare the A350-1000 to the present 777, the -300ER. The changed fuel prices create a different yardstick since our last comparison of the 777-300ER and A350-1000.

While at it, we also check how much better the A350-1000 score on costs versus the smaller A350-900.

  • The A350-1000 is the most efficient aircraft of the three.
  • The A350-900 is smaller. It has Cash Operating Costs per seat mile which are close to the A350-1000.
  • The 777-300ER is the most expensive to operate, also at today's fuel prices. Pricing must be very aggressive to compensate operating cost differences to the A350-1000.
  • With A350-1000 deliveries starting, the 777-300ER's reign as the twin to have for 350-seat long range is ending.

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