Boeing’s NMA decision entering final stretch

By Bjorn Fehrm

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March 15, 2018, © Leeham News: Boeing’s NMA or 797 is taking final form ahead of a decision to launch the program later in the year.

Jon Ostrower has published the first picture of the projected aircraft, which he acknowledges might change in its final form. Figure 1 shows the smaller of the two NMA models, the 224-seat 797-6X.

Figure 1. The first sketch of the smaller 797-6X with 224 seats. Source:

We take a closer look at the 797 in its latest definition.


  • The Boeing NMA is called the 797-6X and 797-7X when presented to airlines.
  • The 797 is best compared with the 767. Cabin dimensions are close to the 767-200 for the 797-6X and to the 767-300 for the 797-7X.
  • The use of a more efficient cross-section, Carbon Fibre design, higher aspect ratio wing and modern engines makes the 797 a lighter and more efficient aircraft than the 767.

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