The Ultrafan Project

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By Vincent Valery


June 21, 2021, © Leeham News: Rolls-Royce launched the Ultrafan in 2014, a project to develop next-generation geared turbofan engines. The engine OEM has been working on that project ever since.

The Ultrafan demonstrator started the final assembly this year at the OEM’s Derby facility, with a plan to start and complete ground testing in 2022. Rolls-Royce will await a new OEM program launch to finalize the development to a production engine after 2022.

While using a power gearbox has gathered most of the attention, the Ultrafan uses other new technologies to enable a leap in fuel efficiency. LNA analyzes the technologies used and what lies ahead for the program.

  • An evolving rationale for the Ultrafan business case;
  • Much more than the addition of a power gearbox;
  • A break with the Trent design
  • A significant infrastructure uplift;
  • Awaiting the next OEM move.

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