777X for Washington State: Reports Jon Ostrower

“According to people familiar with the company’s thinking, much of the 777X industrial footprint will likely be retained in Washington state to keep the cost down, and will first employ an assembly line at its Everett, Wash., factory… Read More

There is still a place for airframe mock-ups

In today’s computer world and fancy 3D programs, it turns out there is still a place for airframe mock-ups to cross-check computer programming and to actually be sure the human can reach the nooks and crannies in an… Read More

787 surge line delayed by rework; 787-9 to use this line in 2013; 787-10 launch all but certain

Boeing is delaying activating the 787 surge line in Everett (WA), while rework on the first 65 787s continues. Steve Trimble of Flight Global has this report. Meanwhile, Bernstein Research, in a note issued today, says the surge… Read More

Odds and Ends: Airworthiness Directives and sloppy headline writing

Airworthiness Directives: The New York Times has a good piece about ADs that should put many general assignment reporters to shame. The rhubarb over the ADs applied to the Airbus A380 spurred Nicola Clark’s reporting. This is a… Read More

KC-767 to benefit from 787 “surge” line

Key points: The ability to increase production rates to sell more 767s in the coming years; Lower production costs, which will be built into the KC-X bid in the hot competition with the expected Northrop Grumman KC-30 submission…. Read More