Bjorn’s Corner: New aircraft technologies. Part 20. Efficient flying

July 7, 2023, ©. Leeham News: We explore different technologies in the series that can make our next-generation airliners more efficient and, thus, less polluting. We have discussed developments of engine and airframe technologies, such as Turbofans versus… Read More

Bjorn’s Corner: New aircraft technologies. Part 11. Airframe.

May 5, 2023, ©. Leeham News: In our series on the different technologies available when developing next-generation airliners, we have covered the fuselage configuration and engine options. Now we turn to airframe technologies. We will look at different… Read More

Don’t look for commercial BWB airplane any time soon, says Boeing’s future airplanes head

April 3, 2018, © Leeham News: New airplanes for the foreseeable future are unlikely to look radically different than the tube-and-wing configuration that’s been around since the dawn of manned flight. Yes, there are unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)… Read More

BWB a big challenge

To some, the Blended Wing Body airplane seems like a great idea. We like it, too. It’s highly fuel efficient–estimated to be up to 30% more so than the Airbus A380. The body acts as lift, providing a… Read More

Assessing the fall-out on the tanker

In the three days since the USAF awarded the tanker contract to Northrop Grumman, the fallout has been swift and vitriolic. Before going there, we’ve updated our corporate website with some analysis of our own. We take a… Read More