Pontifications: Time to calm down from last week’s news cycle

June 27, 2016, © Leeham Co.: Last week turned out to be one of the busiest in aviation in quite some time. Details of the Iran Air Boeing “order” emerged. Everyone overlooks that this is really a “Memorandum of Agreement,”… Read More

Iran Air, Volga Dnepr deals help Boeing production gaps but don’t solve them

Subscription Required Introduction June 24, 2016, (c) Leeham Co.: Boeing’s recent deal with Iran Air for 100 737s, 777s and 747s and its indication that a Memorandum of Understanding with Volga Dnepr may be firmed up will help… Read More

A380 order welcome, but may not add to Airbus backlog

Subscription Required Introduction The news of orders by Iran Air and ANA for 12 and three A380s respectively is good news for Airbus, but these probably don’t do much to boost the backlog in practical terms. These orders… Read More