Tanker decision expected Thursday, Feb. 24, 5pm EST

It now appears the USAF will announce the tanker contract Thursday, Feb. 24, at 5pm EST. Expectations are that EADS will be awarded the contract, but there have been so many twists and turns that we’re not predicting… Read More

Is failure an option in KC-X competition?

With Sen. Carl Levin (D-MI) set to hold the tanker hearing on Thursday (Jan. 27), it is clear the USAF continues to drag on its decision in the KC-X competition, which was expected this month. It now looks… Read More

USAF, EADS need to come forward with full details

The USAF and EADS need to come forward with full details to fully explain the latest cock-up (a British term, not an obscene one) in which the Air Force mistakenly sent EADS and Boeing proprietary information about the… Read More

Analysis of A400M potential

Defense Procurement has this item looking at the possibilities of Airbus selling the A400M to other markets, including the USA.

Indian cargo airline says A330Fs delayed because of–USAF KC-X competition

The saga never ends. Now a start-up Indian cargo airline, Flyington Freighters, says it may sue Airbus over delays in delivering the A330-200F, for which it is a launch customer, because Airbus is waiting to win the USAF… Read More

Dueling tanker press releases

In a rare confluence of timing, Boeing and Northrop Grumman issued press releases on the same topic at about the same time. Here they are, in their entirety; our commentary follows after the Northrop release: Boeing KC-767 Tanker:… Read More

News on the tanker, 787, Boeing earnings

The last 24 hours have been busy news days on the tanker and the 787. Reuters published a story yesterday about the Air Force calling the CEOs of Boeing and Northrop Grumman on the carpet for the vitriolic… Read More

Speaking of USAF procurements…

Steve Trimble of Flight International has this bizarre piece. It’s about the Joint Cargo Aircraft, the C27J, which is being acquired by the Army and the US Air Force. It turns out the Army is paying half that… Read More

More on tanker

Here are some new developments on the continuing USAF tanker saga: Human Events publishes a rebuttal to a previous piece supporting Boeing. This one supports Northrop. Opponents to US Sen. John McCain continue to make hay over allegations… Read More

Boeing resorts to more PR/updated

Boeing placed nationwide advertisements Tuesday about its protest over the USAF award to the GAO. This is part of the public relations campaign by Boeing we’ve disliked. Just as we thought the USAF award had to be done… Read More