787 battery diagrams

Boeing Monday (Feb. 18) made available two battery diagrams for the 787 lithium-ion batteries. Diagram #1 Diagram #2 The New York Times has a Reuters article revealing the second battery on the ANA 787 had some swelling. Boeing… Read More

SPEEA vote due tomorrow

As if the Boeing 787 problems weren’t enough of a headache for the company, the second vote by its engineers will be counted tomorrow on a contract offer. SPEEA members rejected the first contract offer from Boeing in… Read More

Odds and Ends: 787 likely grounded to May; More Batteries; Boeing’s 10K

787 Battery short-term fix: The Seattle Times has this story which recounts Boeing’s effort to design a short-term fix to get the 787 fleet flying again. The scenario outlined in the article suggests the 787 will be grounded… Read More

Airbus drops lithium battery for A350

Airbus, A350 and Lithium battery: Airbus has dropped plans to use the lithium-ion battery in the A350. An Airbus official told us, “We confirm we are opting for nickel cadmium for the A350 main batteries to protect the… Read More

PNAA conference: Embraer Enhanced E-Jet improves fuel burn by 5%; talks of re-engine

The E175 Enhanced (a step below the full re-engine) will improve fuel burn by 5%, says Tobias Caldas of Embraer at the Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance. This includes a redesign winglet and other fuselage/engine PIPs. Enhancements include new… Read More

Odds and Ends: 787-10/777X; 737NG engine issues; American-US Airways

787-10/777X: Aspire Aviation has this long analysis of the current status of these developmental programs. 737NG Engine Issues: Aviation Week on February 8 had a report of thrust irregularities on the Boeing 737NG. The Seattle Times reported it… Read More

PNAA Conference: Aboulafia on CSeries, 777X, 787-10 and A350

Bombardier has an uphill battle selling CSeries in part because of the production might of Airbus and Boeing, says Richard Aboulafia of the Teal Group. With the two big OEMs each producing the single-aisle airplanes at rates of… Read More

Allegiant Air sees starting commercial service at Paine Field by the fall

Allegiant Air, a discount carrier that serves Bellingham and other cities in Washington, and which started the studies for commercial aviation service for Paine Field in Everett (WA), said it sees starting air service at Paine Field this… Read More

PNAA Endorses Commercial Air Service at Paine Field

The Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance today endorsed commercial air service at Paine Field in Everett (WA). The move is highly controversial. The Snohomish County Council and the City Councils of Edmonds and Mukilteo, adjacent suburbs, oppose the service…. Read More

PNAA Conference Pt 3: Renewable biofuels

The future of bio-fuel is different from the bio-fuel today, says John Plaza, CEO of Imperium Renewables. He is speaking at the Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance conference in suburban Seattle. It will be drop-in fuel, potential to be… Read More