PNAA Conference, Pt 2: Odds end Ends–Executive Director named; now largest conference in sector on West Coast

PNAA Executive Director: The Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance named its first Executive Director, Melanie Jordan. Jordan has been very active in Puget Sound aerospace matters for years and has been on the board of the Future of Flight… Read More

PNAA conference, Pt 1: Traffic data; AA-US merger thoughts, 787

Each airline region of the world is different and many going through transitions US went through previously, says Bob McAdoo, the airline analyst for Imperial Capital (a boutique investment banking company in California). McAdoo is speaking at the… Read More

Odds and Ends: ICAO says no to lithium batteries;Dendrites and the 787; Deleting Flightblogger

ICAO says no to lithium-ion batteries: The UN organization ICAO apparently will reverse itself and say that lithium-ion batteries should not be shipped as cargo on passenger airliners. This seems like a prudent move, considering the history of… Read More

Odds and Ends: Returning the 787 to service; Elon Musk’s Tesla challenges; Droning on

Consensus Building around 787 Fix: There seems to be a consensus building in industry around the timing of the battery fix for the Boeing 787. Customers and suppliers we talk to believe Boeing will have an interim fix… Read More

787 Completes first battery test flight: Flightaware track

(Click to enlarge image.) Boeing issued this statement: ZA005, Boeing’s fifth 787 flight test airplane, departed from Boeing Field at 12:32 p.m. Pacific time on Saturday, Jan. 9, with a crew of 13 onboard (Boeing pilots and flight… Read More

Mystery Photo #11

<—Mystery photo Update, Feb. 10: Looks like we stumped you on the Mystery Photo above. (We’ll take our victories where we can.) This is a Soviet K-7 bomber designed before WW II. Never went into production.   While… Read More

Airbus may drop lithium batteries from A350; BCA CEO appeals to SPEEA members

Airbus may drop Lithium batteries: Bloomberg reports that Airbus may drop lithium ion batteries from the A350 in the wake of the problems encountered by Boeing. Reuters has this report. A switch to standard batteries would delay the… Read More

FAA Authorizes 787 Test Flights

Statement from Secretary LaHood and FAA Administrator Huerta: As part of our ongoing efforts to determine the root cause of recent Boeing 787 lithium-ion battery incidents, the FAA will permit Boeing to conduct test flights of 787 aircraft… Read More

NTSB press briefing on 787-short circuit came first, then fire

The National Transportation Safety Board held its second full media briefing on the investigation of the Boeing 787 battery fire Jan. 9 aboard a Japan Air Lines aircraft at Boston. Deborah Hersman is chair of the NTSB. Following… Read More

Analysis of 787 situation ahead of NTSB briefing

Note: The National Transportation Safety Board will brief the media today at 11am ET. We will have a live update on this blog. ******************************************************************** The flurry of news late yesterday for the Boeing 787, its grounding, a ferry… Read More