Interview with Airbus CEO Fabrice Brégier: Airbus and innovation

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By Bjorn Fehrm


18 Jan 2015: When visiting Toulouse last week we got the opportunity to talk to Airbus CEO, Fabrice Bregiér, on one of his pet subjects: the need for Airbus to be more innovative.

Leeham logo with Copyright message compactBackground to the discussion was that we had observed that Airbus, after decades of a high innovation level, higher than its main competitor Boeing, had slipped behind in the last decade. We wanted to discuss this with Brégier, who has during his tenure, elevated the innovation theme to one of his top priorities. We wanted to see if we had consensus on the past and understood Airbus way forward.


  • A380 problems undercut subsequent innovation; but
  • Airbus still maintains innovative lead, Bregier says;
  • A350, A320neo, A330neo examples of innovation; and
  • Don't need to overreach when benefits aren't there.

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