Embraer sees broadening market in North America

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Nov. 17, 2015, © Leeham Co. The chief commercial officer of Embraer sees US mainline carriers adding

John Slattery, Chief Commercial Officer, Embraer. Photo via Google images.

aircraft in the 100-plus seat sector that will open new opportunities for the largest E-Jets hitherto a limited interest in this region.

First among high profile possibilities: United Airlines, which was identified as a major prospect for Bombardier and its CS100. According to multiple news reports, UA is holding out an order for the CS100 as an inducement for some pilot contract revisions. According to Market Intelligence, the potential order is for an equal number of orders and options, well below 50 orders but one which would be a crucial win for struggling Bombardier.

But Embraer isn’t going to let this order go without a stiff fight. Through United Express partners, EMB has a large installed base of E-175s operating for United. This is viewed as a major advantage by EMB’s CCO, John Slattery.


  • United, JetBlue, Air Canada targets for CSeries sales.
  • Embraer has large, installed fleet of E-Jets at these airlines.
  • Broadened market potential seen with North American carriers for 100-plus seat airplanes.

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