MAX 8 conversions to MAX 10 outweigh MAX 9

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July 3, 2017, © Leeham Co.: There were conversions of 214 orders from other 737 MAX programs in favor of the 361 orders and commitments announced at the Paris Air Show for the launch of the 737 MAX 10.

Aside from the easily identifiable 100 MAX 9 orders from United Airlines, the other conversions weren’t readily apparent.

An analysis by LNC indicates that about half of the conversions came from the MAX 8.

  • The MAX 10 orders and commitments surpass the MAX 9 after PAS, becoming the second most in-demand of the MAX family.
  • LNC estimates that about 300 orders remain for the MAX 9, higher if Lion Air’s MAX order is allocated on a pro-rata basis.
  • A lot of MAX 8/9 series orders are TBD, with no immediate selection by the customer.

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