Leahy, Kirby headline “Plane Truths” conference in Chicago Sept. 11-12

July 24, 2018, © Leeham News: John Leahy, who retired in January after 33 years at Airbus, and Scott Kirby, president of United Airlines, headline the Leeham Co. and Airfinance Journal conference, Plane Truths: The Next 12 Months, Sept. 11-12 in Chicago.

This will be Leahy’s first conference appearance since he retired from Airbus, where he was COO-Customers.

Plane Truths: The Next 12 Months focuses only on the key issues coming up in the next year. Click here for more information.

Officials of American Airlines, Cargolux, HiFly, Rolls-Royce, Skyworks Capital, Collateral Verifications, Embraer and Bombardier are among those who will participate.

Topics include fleet planning, US Scope Clause, engine development, the New Midmarket Aircraft, the growing wet-leasing market, and women in aviation, among other issues.

The conference focuses on what’s happening in commercial aviation in the next 12 months.

Details on the conference may be found here.

11 Comments on “Leahy, Kirby headline “Plane Truths” conference in Chicago Sept. 11-12

  1. John Leahy as discussion leader, unrestricted, in Chicago.
    Can we have live stream, pleeaase.. 😉

    • I would rather have the dentist drill my teeth with no Novicane!

  2. Kirby and Leahy together unconstrained by job-proselytistic conventionalism could open the way for a new – objective – appraisal of H2XQR Series ?

  3. Finally we will get to hear Leahy not biting his tongue and holding back on his opinions like he did at Airbus! 🙊

    • Now that he’s no longer constrained by Airbus Corporate Communications (inc), I can’t wait to hear JL finally admit that he actually CAN fit into a 17 inch seat!

  4. Would love to hear the real story from Mr JL why they went for the 339 and not a shrink of the 359.

    The 339 OEW 137T, 290 pax. A359 OEW 140T, 325 pax, and its new. Would have knocked the socks of the 789 especially if they adapted the wing and wing box.

    • 339 is (in theory) _much_ (like 50%) cheaper to produce than a 358, if you can sell it for 80% of the price of the 358, you net more money, plus defer the costs associated with shutting down 33x production.

      • But AB’s list price for the 339 is not much less than that of the 359. If you take away the AirAsia order not to many sales for the 333N.

        Increased orders/production for the 350-family would bring down unit costs. I like the 330’s but sales suggest the market prefers the 787’s.

        • as you are surely aware, list price has precisely zero to do with actual sales price.

          given the speculation that out the door cost on a 339 is $90-100M, the $296M list price is beyond meaningless

          whereas the brand new 350-900 is probably still in the $200M/per manufacturing cost wise (early on the learning curve, inherently more expensive to build due to composites)

          if you can sell a 339 for $120M that is better than selling a 359 for $220 in terms of net margin. given current discount rates, you would expect a 359 to sell for ~$160m

          just ballparking the numbers, I have no actual data…

    • 137T OEW for the A339 is way too high. That makes the plane about the same OEW as the 787-10 if not heavier, which no, it is not.

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