Paris Day Two: Air India finalizes earlier deals; Embraer, ATR announce orders

By Bryan Corliss

June 20, 2023, © Leeham News – While Monday’s news from the Paris Air Show was dominated by the one big Airbus order from Indian carrier IndiGo, Tuesday saw a host of smaller deals announced by OEMs, airlines and leasing companies. 

IndiGo rival Air India also announced it had finalized its massive 470-jet order from February, which it had split between Boeing and Airbus. 

While there was a significant volume of deals announced Tuesday, in many cases, they were formal announcements of deals that OEMs already were carrying on their order books.

  • Air India finalizes Boeing, Airbus orders
  • Boeing lands orders from airlines, lessors
  • Airbus reveals new orders and buyers in previous deals
  • Embraer and ATR announce first deals of show
  • Eviation announces LOI for Alices

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One or Two hops cheapest for long flights? Part 2

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By Bjorn Fehrm


June 2, 2022, © Leeham News: We tested the notion that it’s more economical to divide a long flight into two shorter flights last week. The test was a typical long-range flight of 11 to 12 hours.

We found that if all operational costs are counted (the so-called Cash Operating Costs, COC), the theory didn’t work. You gain on fuel costs, but you are doubling other costs like landing fees, etc.

Now we test the theory on an Ultra Long Range (ULR) flight, using our Performance and Operational Cost model.

QANTAS 787-9. Source: QANTAS

  • The widespread idea of two shorter flights being more economical than a single long flight applies to ULR flights.
  • The theory says this is because a long flight takes more fuel than two shorter flights. It’s not the main reason why the theory holds for ULR flights.

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