Odds and Ends: Setback on 787 ETOPS; Ray Conner profile; 777X ATO near; CSeries

Since we were in transit yesterday, here are a number of articles that are a day late in being posted here. Boeing 787: New York Times: Setback in Boeing’s Hope for Longer Range Puget Sound Business Journal: Steve… Read More

US Airways’ 757 problem

Notation: Lan Chile has canceled Boeing 787 flights through June. US Airways has a large fleet of aging Boeing 757s it needs to replace. The problem is, a carrier official says, neither the Airbus A321neo nor the Boeing… Read More

A350-800 future: Airbus says it stays firm; here’s what customers tell us

Flight Global has this story in which Airbus says it remains committed to the A350-800, a sub-type that is the smallest of the A350 family and which has been the subject of much speculation that Airbus will choose… Read More

Airbus affirms A350-800 future, but skeptics doubt it

Airbus confirmed at the Paris Air Show what we reported two weeks earlier, and that is the A350-1000 was going to be rescheduled to allow Rolls-Royce and Airbus to tweak the airplane for more power, longer range and… Read More