In new blow, Boeing defeats Airbus at American, sources say; AA says ‘no decision yet’

March 23, 2018, © Leeham News: In a new, albeit not unexpected, blow to Airbus, Boeing won a hotly contest competition at American Airlines between the A330neo and the 787, two sources say. Bloomberg News reported Airbus lost… Read More

American wants to decide A350 fate within six months

Sept. 28, 2017, © Leeham Co., Grapevine (TX): American Airlines would like to decide within six months what it will do with its order for 22 Airbus A350-900s, a left-over deal from US Airways before the latter acquired… Read More

American easing away from continuous hubbing, returning to peak banking

American Airlines will ease away from the continuous hubbing that smooths operations at key airports, increases aircraft utilization and cuts costs as it returns to the peak-and-valley hub-and-spoke system adopted decades ago under former CEO Robert Crandall. Although… Read More

US Airways Execs talk to us about fleet plans, change fees and the AA livery

We had the opportunity to sit down for a one-on-two interview with Scott Kirby, President of US Airways, and Derek Kerr, EVP and CFO, during the annual media day. We covered labor, fleet planning, change fees and the… Read More

US Airways Media Day-Part 1

We’re at the US Airways Media Day and we’ll provide updates throughout the day. First up is Doug Parker, CEO of US Airways and the new CEO of American Airlines when the merger is consummated. Doug Parker: This… Read More

US Airways’ 757 problem

Notation: Lan Chile has canceled Boeing 787 flights through June. US Airways has a large fleet of aging Boeing 757s it needs to replace. The problem is, a carrier official says, neither the Airbus A321neo nor the Boeing… Read More