ELT was under own power at time of Ethiopian 787 incident

Here is some more information on the Honeywell Electronic Locator Transmitter and the installation/operation on the Boeing 787. We asked Boeing about the prospect of interface between the ELT and the 787’s electrical system. Boeing told us: In… Read More

Odds and Ends: 777-8 “Lite”; group backs WA 777X effort; Asiana crash photos; a new 787 theory

Note: This Reuters article has some good detail about how Boeing gets the 777-9X to its advertised 20% economic gains over 777-300ER. 777-8 “Lite:” Boeing’s plan to launch the 777X in two versions, the ultra-long range 8X at… Read More

Latest on Ethiopian 787

The media frenzy over the cause of the fire of the Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 787 last Friday seems to be slowing. The New York Times has this report from late last night that says Japan Air Lines and… Read More

Questions to answer in the Ethiopian 787 fire

Note: we refer Readers to this analysis with diagrams. Note: The Wall Street Journal has this in-depth piece (found via Google News, so Readers should be able to access it) that says: The fire was in the overhead… Read More

Ethiopian 787 fire: the day after

Update, 12n PDT: The British Air Accident Investigation Board has issued its first press release. No apparent connection to the APU or batteries, but otherwise a standard we’re-working-on-it statement. Unrelated to Ethiopian: Fascinating animations of the Asiana Flt… Read More

Ethiopian 787 fire at LHR doesn’t look like it’s battery-related

Fire damage of the Ethiopian 787 via Twitter Here’s a link to some photos. Here’s a link to a Boeing document showing flammable areas on the 787. New high-resolution image shows greater detail of fire damage, ribbing. via… Read More

Odds and Ends: Boeing earnings call; US Airways Media; 787 update Day

There’s a lot of news happening today and tomorrow. NTSB Hearing: The NTSB hearing on the Japan Air Lines Boeing 787 battery fire is today and tomorrow. This can be followed live (and later archived) here. Boeing Earnings… Read More

787 deliveries this year

Boeing, on its year-end and 1Q earnings calls, suggested there will be about 40 deliveries of thy 787 and the 747-8 this year, evenly split between the two. Aerospace analysts don’t agree, at least on the 787 side…. Read More