NLRB drops Boeing case

New York Times. Now Boeing and IAM 751 can get on with the business of building airplanes without distractions.

IAM-Boeing, the day after

Here are several stories on the day after the historic IAM-Boeing contract vote. The importance of the success of this vote cannot be understated. CNBC interview with Jim Albaugh. Seattle Times, with comments from IAM 751 president Tom… Read More

IAM press release in Boeing vote

MACHINISTS VOTE FOR JOBS! SEATTLE – Machinists Union members have approved a four-year contract extension with the Boeing Co. that ensures the 737 MAX will be built in Puget Sound. The final vote was 74 percent to accept… Read More

IAM-Boeing vote: early returns, appears to be passing 3-1

We’re at the IAM HQ in South Seattle for the vote on the historic IAM-Boeing contract. Seattle and Auburn votes being counted, and eye-balling the piles, it appears the contract is passing 2-1. Results will be announced between… Read More

Yes vote on Boeing-IAM deal appears likey: Seattle Times

Posted on Twitter a short time ago: SeaTimesAeroDominic Gates Machinists don’t love this Boeing deal. But voting yes anyway for the most part. 2 hours ago SeaTimesAeroDominic Gates Talking to Machinists as they vote. Looks good for approval… Read More

Odds and Ends: TSA, 787 endurance and Frontier, again

This just in: Busted. We’re a big fan of the Discovery Channel’s Mythbusters. In the warped sense of humor department, we found this to be pretty amusing, since nobody got hurt. Original Post: TSA: Anyone who has flown… Read More

Boeing, IAM talk about labor deal

AirInsight has these two podcasts about the grand labor deal announced Wednesday between Boeing and the IAM. Boeing podcast. IAM podcast.

Odds and Ends: A350 business case, Ryanair, Boeing and more

Airbus A350: Aspire Aviation in Hong Kong has a lengthy look at the Airbus A350 program. Airbus launch aid: Airbus says it has complied with the findings of the World Trade Organization and cured those elements found to… Read More

Thoughts on the Boeing-IAM deal

We couldn’t be more delighted. The agreement announced Nov. 30 between the IAM 751 local and Boeing is an outstanding development. Who wins? Basically, everybody. The Company gets: Production stability through most of 2016 without the pain and… Read More

Odds and Ends: Qatar, Cargolux and GE

For those who don’t believe there was a connection between the Cargolux-Boeing-GE dispute and the 787 and Qatar, watch the Dubai Air Show. We’re hearing Qatar will sign announce it has selected GEnx for the 787. Speaking of… Read More