MH370, Day 7: Malaysian authorities’ latest statement

We’ve been provided the latest statement from the Malaysian authorities, from which news reports have been written. We find the information in the statement to be more than a little interesting, so we’re reprinting it verbatim. Official statement:

MH370 Day 6: tracking the missing flight

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MH370, Day 5: 777 has five radios, two transponders

The Boeing 777 is equipped with five radios and two transponders, making it next to impossible for failures to be due to electrical or other mechanical failures, a Boeing 777 captain and training instructor tells us. The ACARS… Read More

Potential search area for MH370

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MH370, Day 4: search areas expanded

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Odds and Ends: MAS MH370, Day 3; Qatar on A380; A330neo; New Small Airplane

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Additional thoughts on MH370 as mystery deepens

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Investigative focus on MAS MH370

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