Boeing considers 40/mo for 737 rate; Airbus ups A320 to 40

Update, July 30: Airbus announced today it will increase the production rate on its A320 family to 40 per month. Original Post: Boeing is considering going to a production rate of 40 737s per month, with a decision… Read More

Boeing wide-open on 777 future: Albaugh

Update, Aug. 1: Dominic Gates  of The Seattle Times has a long article with the views on the 777 successor from Tim Clark, CEO of Emirates Airlines–which operates more 777s than any other airlines. Original Post: Boeing has… Read More

Farnborough: Odds and Ends

Best One-Liner: Airbus’ John Leahy is famous for his witty one-liners, but the best one at the show goes to Boeing’s Randy Tinseth. As we were waiting for the Boeing press briefing to begin on Day 1, we… Read More


For all practical purposes for commercial aviation geeks, the air show is over. Even John Leahy left. There was one significant order today, from Virgin America for 40+20 Airbus A320s with options to convert to A321 and to… Read More


Note: We have updated the Tuesday posting at the end of that column. Update, 8:00 PM BST: Day 3 orders are now included toward the end of this post. Another day, another set of aircraft orders are expected…. Read More

Tanker face off at Farnborough

Boeing and EADS held tanker briefings this week–Monday for Boeing, Tuesday for EADS. Boeing offered up top program officials while EADS offered up two American crewmen from its test flight program, a pilot and a boom operator. Boeing’s… Read More


Updated, Wednesday 05:00 BST We’ve updated this posting after all the text with orders completed through Day 2, Original Post: Tuesday will be another day where orders are expected to be announced. See our Monday posting, updated at… Read More


Updates throughout the post, 415PM BST. Here is a look ahead for Monday at the Farnborough Air Show and what might be expected for news and orders in the coming week. We’ll update this post at the end… Read More


The Boeing 787 arrived today at the Farnborough Air Show, a day before the event actually begins. The plane, #3–the so-called “interior airplane” equipped with an interior that is more suitable for testing operations than representative of the… Read More


We’re at the Farnborough Air Show and on Saturday attended the day-long EADS media briefings. We filed reports exclusively for KIRO TV (CBS) in Seattle. These stories are: Airbus predicts 130+ orders at the air show; Leahy says… Read More