Odds and ends: More on DC-7B trip

Here are some more photos from our DC-7B trip. All photos by Scott Hamilton. This PBY Catalina, a derelict but intact condition, is at the San Juan Airport. Given the loss of a PBY several years ago in… Read More

Historical Flight Foundation’s DC-7B: Trip Report

I had the opportunity this month to join a group of 50 aviation geeks on the first international passenger flight of a Douglas DC-7 in decades. Historical Flight Foundation’s Eastern Airlines DC-7B restoration, Opa-Locka Airport (Miami) prior to… Read More

Analyst takes on Boeing’s investors’ days

Here is what the analysts are saying about the Boeing investors’ days this week: From Wells Fargo: 787 and Ramp Up. Overall, we believe the biggest issues that investors have been trying better to understand are (1) the… Read More

Flight recorders narrow cause of AF447

Recovery of the flight recorders from Air France 447, an Airbus A330-200 that crashed into the Atlantic two years ago, appears to have quickly identified the events that led to the crash–and contrary to all those who claimed… Read More

Odds and Ends: $19bn cash turnaround for Boeing

We’re catching up from a week out of the office and one thing that especially caught our eye is this comment in a research note late last week from JP Morgan: Potential cash turnaround on 787 is enormous…. Read More

Tariffs won’t be assessed in WTO Airbus, Boeing cases

The decision is in on the appeal of the WTO panel decision in the Airbus and pending on the WTO’s panel findings on Boeing. The “what’s next” is dispute resolution and, failing this, the prospect of imposing tariffs… Read More

We’re back, looking at the WTO’s ruling on Airbus case

While we were gone, the WTO issued its ruling on the Airbus case, which was appealed by both sides. There’s been plenty post-ruling analyses written already, and since we’re nearly a week later, we’re not going to add… Read More

DC7 Challenge for our Readers

A quick post in connection with our DC-7B trip. We’ll put the following in context when we do some trip reports next week. In the meantime, we have a series of challenges for our Readers. Here are the… Read More

When flying had panache

We’re off May 15-21 on another adventure (the previous one we talked about being our Alaskan polar bear photo safari). This time we’re scheduled on a trip that includes 12 hours of flying in a Douglas DC-7B This… Read More

Government subsidies for healthy companies

Two news items caught our eye this morning. The first was the financial reporting for EADS today. Although EADS reported a small loss on foreign exchange and financing costs, the company increased its cash position. This came under… Read More