Odds and Ends: Boeing jobs move; JetBlue’s trans-con plan; Airbus Innovation Days; BBD confidence

Boeing jobs move: We’re not a fan of Loren Thompson, but his commentary in Forbes yesterday is spot on. Boeing is moving jobs out of Washington State to bolster its Charleston (SC) cluster and simply to move to… Read More

To paint or not to paint, that is the question

To paint or not: We’re in Chicago for an industry event called Chi-Stat (essentially a big party) and one of the topics of discussion is whether Bombardier should take a few days out of its test schedule to… Read More

Bombardier firms up CSeries order, reveals undisclosed customer

Bombardier firmed up a large order for the CSeries with Russia’s Ilyushin Finance Corp., which previously signed an MOU for up to 42 of the new aircraft design. BBD also revealed a long-standing, undisclosed customer, Gulf Air, which… Read More

Wide-body airplanes get plenty of attention at IATA; Leahy comments on 777X, A350 and A380

The 69th AGM of IATA just concluded at Cape Town, South Africa, and wide-body aircraft drew a lot of focus in these articles from Bloomberg News and Reuters. We spoke with John Leahy at the end of the… Read More

Odds and Ends: Boeing moves jobs from WA State; CSeries FTV 1; A350 power up; 787-9 assembly; 777

Moving jobs out of Washington: The Seattle Times has a story about last Friday’s announcement that Boeing is moving more engineering jobs out of Washington. CSeries: Airliners.net had this photo over the weekend. The first flight is expected… Read More

Running on all cylinders and picking up speed at Boeing

Beginning in 2007 and for the next six years, it was trials and tribulations for The Boeing Co. The 787 program was years late, billions of dollars over budget and the first commercial airliner produced by Boeing that… Read More