MH370 search off Australia: exercise caution; images could be “sea junk”

The search for Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 has shifted to about 1,500 miles west of Australia following the discovery of something in the waters there by satellite images. One of the objects is about 80 feet long. As… Read More

No stress on the order backlog, says Airbus at ISTAT

Airbus doesn’t see any “stress” in its aircraft order backlog, or “skyline,” says Andrew Shankland, senior vice president of leasing markets from the European manufacturer. Shankland spoke with us at the annual meeting of the International Society of… Read More

Public pressure mounts on Airbus to launch A330neo

Public pressure is building on Airbus to launch a re-engining of its A330 medium-sector, twin-aisle, aging airplane as CIT Aerospace and Air Lease Corp. officials joined Delta Air Lines and AirAsia in their previous overt calls for development… Read More

MH370, Day 12: 10 theories, courtesy of BBC

To no surprise, we’re still wondering where Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 is. The BBC has an excellent review of 10 theories about the flight’s mysterious disappearance, which beat us to it; we had planned to take this approach… Read More

Lessors analyze market conditions in commercial aviation at ISTAT

The final presentation at ISTAT was the popular lessors’ panel, a free-wheeling discussion of commercial aviation issues. The reporting summarizes and paraphrases the comments. The moderator is Jeff Knittel, president of CIT Aerospace. The lessors are: Angus Kelly,… Read More

Thoughts for Seattle’s KOMO TV

Personal note: I’m down at ISTAT in San Diego and have just learned of the crash of a KOMO TV News helicopter in Seattle, killing two and critically injuring one. The names haven’t been released yet, so I… Read More

Odds and Ends: MH370 ACARS and landing areas

There continues to be mystery shrouding the disappearance of MAS flight MH370 and with it, loads of theories. There is also continuing puzzlement over how the ACARS health monitoring system could have been turned off. We reported last… Read More

Airbus and Boeing square off at ISTAT

Andy Shankland, senior vice president of leasing markets for Airbus, and Randy Tinseth, vice president of marketing for Boeing, were next up at the ISTAT annual meeting in San Diego today. The following is a synopsis and paraphrasing… Read More

Bombardier and Embraer square off at ISTAT

Bombardier and Embraer squared off today at the ISTAT conference in San Diego. Rod Sheridan, VP sales and asset management, appeared for BBD and John Slattery, chiefr commercial officer, appeared for EMB. The following synopsizes and paraphrases their… Read More

CIT Aerospace looks at A330 future

CIT Aerospace, one of the Top Tier lessors in the business, takes a look at the future options of the Airbus A330. In a short paper released concurrent with the start of the AGM of ISTAT, the International… Read More