Decision detailed (sort of) in Boeing-Bombardier price dumping case

June 27, 2017, © Leeham Co.: The US International Trade Commission (ITC) last week released its detailed decision to go forward with the Boeing complaint that Bombardier engaged in price dumping when it sold the CS100 to Delta Air Lines.

But for the outsider, the public document isn’t much help. It’s heavily redacted and left out all the good stuff that would allow an outsider to fully understand the reasoning the ITC voted 5-0 to send the case over to the US Commerce Department for further study and potential imposition of tariffs.

Delta Air Lines Bombardier CS100.

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Pontifications: A history-making year

Hamilton ATR

By Scott Hamilton

Nov. 7, 2016, © Leeham Co.: This is a history-making year.

Yes, there is Brexit.

Sure, there is the first woman candidate of a major political party running for the presidency of the US.

Yep, there is the biggest Doofus ever nominated by a major political party also running for the presidency of the US.

But let’s get to something really important.

The Chicago Cubs finally won the World Series 108 years after the last time they did.

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