Boeing’s clarity provided at BCC meeting

Update, May 11: UBS had Boeing’s Mike Bair, the head of the 737 future program, for presentations yesterday and issued its report. Much of the UBS report is similar to the Credit Suisse and Buckingham information captured below;… Read More

Boeing’s Albaugh talks about labor

This is the third segment of our interview with Jim Albaugh, CEO of Boeing Commercial Airplanes, during the Farnborough Air Show. Union issues remain contentious. The rhetoric between the International Association of Machinists, both at its Washington headquarters… Read More

Boeing wide-open on 777 future: Albaugh

Update, Aug. 1: Dominic Gates  of The Seattle Times has a long article with the views on the 777 successor from Tim Clark, CEO of Emirates Airlines–which operates more 777s than any other airlines. Original Post: Boeing has… Read More

Boeing’s Albaugh at JP Morgan conference

Jim Albaugh, president of Boeing Commercial Aircraft, appeared March 9 at the JP Morgan Transportation Conference, one day after Northrop Grumman withdrew from the KC-X competition. Below is a running tab of Albaugh’s presentation and Q&A.

13 minute interview with Boeing’s Albaugh

King 5 (NBC) in Seattle posted a 13 minute raw-footage interview with Boeing Commercial Airplane CEO Jim Albaugh. The audio is pretty weak on speakers, but much better on headphones.