Odds and Ends: Boeing moves jobs from WA State; CSeries FTV 1; A350 power up; 787-9 assembly; 777

Moving jobs out of Washington: The Seattle Times has a story about last Friday’s announcement that Boeing is moving more engineering jobs out of Washington. CSeries: Airliners.net had this photo over the weekend. The first flight is expected… Read More

Boeing, SPEEA in-fighting continues

Boeing yesterday said it would be cutting more engineer jobs. Boeing’s engineers’ union, SPEEA, was quick to fire back. Boeing’s message: The following message was sent today from Mike Delaney, VP of Engineering for Commercial Airplanes, to all… Read More

McNerney on unions and other stuff; where will 777X be built?

Note to Readers wishing to comment: See this article and our Comment #35 and be forewarned. Boeing CEO Jim McNerney is cited in the Puget Sound Business Journal on labor unions, China and other stuff from his appearance… Read More

SPEEA Accepts Boeing contract

It’s over–for four years. From SPEEA: SEATTLE – Technical workers at The Boeing Company have approved a new four-year contract, putting an end to negotiations that have lasted nearly one year. Votes tallied Monday (March 18) by the Society… Read More

Odds and Ends: Second SPEEA vote results tomorrow night; Big LionAir-Airbus order finally ready

SPEEA vote tomorrow night: Update: Tomorrow is now today; the SPEEA vote results will be counted tonight (Monday). The revote by SPEEA technical workers will be counted Monday night. Technical workers rejected the best and final offer from… Read More

SPEEA contract vote results in: Split decision

Update, Feb 20: SPEEA issued corrected vote totals; see below. If negotiations fail to reach a contract for the Technical unit and they were to strike, the Professional unit cannot strike but neither can they replaced the Techies…. Read More

SPEEA-Boeing contract vote count underway-and we are there

It’s Tuesday evening, Feb. 19, and we are at SPEEA headquarters to watch the ballot counting on the contract vote offered by Boeing. It’s 6:25pm and it’s too soon to spot a trend. However, as we watched the… Read More

787 battery diagrams

Boeing Monday (Feb. 18) made available two battery diagrams for the 787 lithium-ion batteries. Diagram #1 Diagram #2 The New York Times has a Reuters article revealing the second battery on the ANA 787 had some swelling. Boeing… Read More

SPEEA vote due tomorrow

As if the Boeing 787 problems weren’t enough of a headache for the company, the second vote by its engineers will be counted tomorrow on a contract offer. SPEEA members rejected the first contract offer from Boeing in… Read More

Airbus may drop lithium batteries from A350; BCA CEO appeals to SPEEA members

Airbus may drop Lithium batteries: Bloomberg reports that Airbus may drop lithium ion batteries from the A350 in the wake of the problems encountered by Boeing. Reuters has this report. A switch to standard batteries would delay the… Read More