Odds and Ends: 777 future may slip to 2020 decade

Update, Feb. 2: Flight Global has this very good analysis about the WTO fight between Airbus and Boeing. Original Post: In this issue of Odds and Ends, we talk about the 777, a CNN interview with Jim Albaugh… Read More

EADS releases statement at tanker hearing

Update, Jan. 28, 6:30am PST: Predictably, Sen. Cantwell wasn’t satisfied. She said the Senate Hearing didn’t get at the “core issue,” and called for an investigation by the USAF Inspector General. EADS said today that’s fine; here is… Read More

1,000 A320neos, 737 replacement at Paris Air Show

Update, Jan. 28: Think again, Heidi, Airbus says. The company said no way. See this story. Original Post: Heidi Wood at Morgan Stanley predicts Airbus may have 1,000 orders by the Paris Air Show and that Boeing will… Read More

Boeing projects 20-40 747-8, 787 deliveries this year

Boeing projects there will be 20-40 deliveries of the 747-8 and 787 this year. The projection came in its 2010 earnings announcement today, which includes the 2011 outlook. According to the Ascend data base, 18 747s are scheduled… Read More

Is failure an option in KC-X competition?

With Sen. Carl Levin (D-MI) set to hold the tanker hearing on Thursday (Jan. 27), it is clear the USAF continues to drag on its decision in the KC-X competition, which was expected this month. It now looks… Read More

Odds and Ends: Big week for EADS, Boeing

It will be a big week for EADS and Boeing on a variety of topics: January 26 is Boeing’s year-end earnings call. More guidance on 787 deliveries and speculation of potential writes-offs mounts. On #1’s former, we think… Read More

EADS had Boeing data for a month, Sen. Cantwell charges; EADS denies it

Side note: While EADS and Boeing fight over the USAF tanker contract, and neither one is capable of delivering their respective tankers on time, IAI Bedek of Israel completed conversion of the Boeing 767-200ER (the same airplane Boeing… Read More

KC-30A for RAAF involved in in-flight incident, refueling boom lost

Australian Aviation has this story about an in-flight incident during a refueling test between the Airbus KC-30A and an F-16. Readers will recall a Boeing KC-767J for Japan Air Defense Services had an incident in which the boom… Read More

Odds and ends: More Airbus NEO orders soon, engine selections shortly; tanker slips again

Odds and ends: More Airbus NEO orders are likely within the next few weeks, including from the US and Asia; Indigo is expected to make its engine selection for its A320neo within the next month or so, and… Read More

Boeing sets 3Q for 787 delivery

Boeing just issued this press release: EVERETT, Wash., Jan. 18, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Boeing (NYSE:BA – News) announced today that it expects delivery of the first 787 Dreamliner in the third quarter of this year. The new delivery… Read More