IRKUT MC-21 analysis, Part 4. Performance with PD-14

By Bjorn Fehrm

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March. 14, 2016, ©. Leeham Co: In three articles we have been looking at the new Russian single aisle aircraft, Irkut MC-21, from United Aircraft and the new Russian engine that is being developed for the aircraft, the PD-14.

The PD-14, which is offered as an alternative to the base engine for the aircraft, the Pratt & Whtiney PW1400G, was analysed in our Part 3 article. We now mount the engine on the MC-21 and explore the difference in performance compared to the base engine.


  • The PD-14, which is a new engine designed by the Aviadvigatel company, is a clear step forward for the Russian turbofan industry.
  • In our analysis in Part 3, we could see that it has a classical direct drive construction with a good level of technology in several parts.
  • Weight and installation dimension are similar to the competition but efficiency is a bit behind.
  • We now explore the performance of the MC-21 with the Russian engine.

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