Trade secret theft lawsuits impact on aircraft financing uncertain

Update, Sept. 14: Marsh plans to continue AFIC despite the lawsuit. “Since its launch, AFIC has given clients greater choice by contributing significantly to the development and diversification of aircraft finance globally. We stand fully behind it and… Read More

Odds and Ends: GAO report on ‘Boeing’s bank;’ C919; Airbus widebody strategy

GAO report on ‘Boeing’s bank:’ The US Government Accounting Office, a non-partisan investigating agency, completed a study of the funding and guarantees provided by the US ExIm Bank, which is under criticism from Congressional Republicans, and concluded non-US… Read More

US ExIm financing under attack again; killing it would aid Airbus

US Export-Import financing is under attack again by Delta Air Lines and Republicans. We understand why Delta is opposed. It believes that ExIm financing of Boeing aircraft to competitors puts it at an economic disadvantage. But fees charged… Read More

Republicans in Congress out to lunch on Ex-Im Bank funding

The politically-focused publication The Hill has an article that describes a Republican Party that is completely out of touch with reality on the Ex-Im Bank funding of exports. Ex-Im supports a broad spectrum of industries, but is especially… Read More