Airbus confirms A350-1000 news, pushes back model and -800

Airbus and Rolls-Royce confirmed June 18 news we reported 10 days ago: that the A350-1000 will get a more powerful engine and more range. Airbus officials also confirmed that the changes will push the entry-into-service of the -1000… Read More

Reports from the Airbus neo event

Our partner at AirInsight, Addison Schonland, has posted additional reports from his attendance to the Airbus neo event April 5. Tom Williams, EVP briefing. John Leahy’s briefing. This is different than the one-on-one interview Addison had. Keeping the… Read More

Airbus, the NEO program and an interview with John Leahy

Airbus held a media day today about the A320neo; we were scheduled to go to Toulouse for this event but circumstances required we stay in Seattle, so our partner at AirInsight, Addison Schonland, made the journey. He obtained… Read More

Odds and Ends: Orient Aviation’s profile of John Leahy

This is an abbreviated Odds and Ends; we are traveling this week and next and we’re not sure if we’ll have the chance to update while we are on the road. Meantime: Orient Aviation magazine has a cover… Read More

Odds and Ends: Leahy staying, not going; tanker and other things

We posted an item Friday that normally would have waited until this edition of Odds and Ends, but the news that John Leahy might leave Airbus next year couldn’t wait. Aviation Week broke the story. But we spoke… Read More

Leahy may leave Airbus next year

This is too good to hold for our Odds-and-Ends Monday. Aviation Week reports John Leahy may leave Airbus next year. Update, Feb. 13: The link is dead but here is the relevant portion of the article; the cached… Read More

RR speaks out on NEO vs new airplanes

Rolls-Royce speaks out on its views of Airbus and Boeing going with a new engine option for their A320-737 class airplanes in this long Wall Street Journal article. We’ll make two observations:

Boeing wide-open on 777 future: Albaugh

Update, Aug. 1: Dominic Gates  of The Seattle Times has a long article with the views on the 777 successor from Tim Clark, CEO of Emirates Airlines–which operates more 777s than any other airlines. Original Post: Boeing has… Read More