Airbus/Boeing duopoly single-aisle is safe well into 2030 decade

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Dec. 28, 2014: Two challenges to the duopoly of Airbus and Boeing in the 150-220 seat single-aisle sector move forward in development in 2015, but neither is in a position to be a threat for the balance of this decade, nor even in the next.

Both challenges, the COMAC C919 from China, and the Irkut MC-21 from Russia, will for various reasons fall short of the Airbus A320/321 and Boeing 737-8/9 and plans to design the next generation new single-aisle airplane.


  • The C919’s chief advantage was eliminated when Airbus and Boeing moved to reengine the A320 and 737 families.
  • C919 retains pricing advantage but won’t overcome duopoly dominance.
  • By the time the C919 enters service, Airbus and Boeing will have the second generation of LEAP and GTF engines available.
  • The MC-21 takes into account better passenger comfort through a wider fuselage, but engines will be no better than those used on Airbus and Boeing.
  • The MC-21 sales potential will be highly limited because Russia still hasn’t become a full trading partner due to political direction.

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