Boeing’s advantage going into 2018

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June 26, 2017, © Leeham Co.: One air show doesn’t make a trend, but the Paris event and other signs before it draw one inescapable conclusion: Boeing has momentum.

With Airbus about to undergo a sea change with the retirement of John Leahy, its COO-Customer who for decades has been its top salesman, Boeing will try to return to a sustained sales leadership position that it lost a decade ago under the hard-driving Leahy.

  • Boeing’s rare air show win was about more than just the 737 MAX 10.
  • Commercial acceptance of the MAX 10 was greater than anticipated.
  • Development of the “797” appears to be increasingly likely.
  • Airbus’ public response that it has the Middle of the Market covered falls short.
  • New blood at Boeing is important.

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