A hint of things to come–Lufthansa 787 order?

Lufthansa Technik “is set to become a leading 787 MRO” following a deal with JAL, blares a headline in AviTrader’s current issue of MRO magazine. The magazine writes: Lufthansa Technik will become one of the world’s leading 787… Read More

FAA funding gap won’t affect 747-8, 787 certification plans

As Boeing pushes ahead toward certification of the 747-8 and the 787, with goals for delivery of the 747-8F and the Dreamliner before the end of this quarter, Congress adjourned without funding the Federal Aviation Administration responsible for… Read More

747-8 vs A380 costs: airlines weigh in

In the ever-present back-and-forth between Boeing and Airbus about the costs of the 747-8 vs. A380, each company claims its airplane has lower costs. Boeing claims the 747-8 has double-digit lower costs, to which Airbus indignantly says Boeing–not… Read More