Aircraft demand: Comparing the Big Four OEMs

(Note: The Market Outlook information was released July 3; this piece contains information that was embargoed to July 5.) Boeing updated its 20 year forecast, from 2012-2031, upping the total market demand about 600 airplanes. In its annual… Read More

Odds and Ends: Airbus-Mobile, con’t; final Farnborough update

Airbus in Mobile: We doubt Boeing is really Sleepless in Seattle but this piece is pretty amusing. Take that, Part 1: Boeing continues to whine about WTO. Take that, Part 2: So’s your Old Man. Here are a… Read More

Boeing’s 2012 Current Market Outlook

Randy Tinseth, VP Marketing for Boeing, outlined Boeing’s update for the Current Market Outlook for the 20 years from 2012-2031. Aircraft in the world fleet has nearly tripled from about 6,500 to more than 19,000 today. (We will… Read More

Odds and Ends: Coverage on Airbus’ Mobile move and other thoughts

Randy Tinseth, VPO of Marketing for Boeing, is always fast with the quip–via Flight Global’s Twitter: “Market is about product, people and customers, not the address on your business card.” Mobile Press-Register: general overview. Reuters: Unions aren’t happy–but… Read More

Searching for Amelia

Like many, we’re fascinated with the search for Amelia Earhart, which has resumed. Here are some articles. Reuters BBC Christian Science Monitor    

Airbus-Mobile press conference

Fabrice Bregier, CEO: Customers were asking, why don’t you come closer to us? Currently more than 200 aircraft a year for US, Canada. Capacity for more than 400. Expect to build A320neo to at least 2030. Christian Scherer,… Read More

Airbus makes it official: A320 FAL comes to Mobile

Via Airbus Via Mobile TV Station Farbrice Bregier, CEO Airbus: We operate state-of-the-art factory, will create jobs, invest and grow the economy here in Mobile. We are proud to call an American town ‘home.’ We have more than… Read More