It’s official: IAM rejects Boeing contact by wide margin: 67%

The IAM 751 local thumped Boeing and the IAM International with a stunning rejection of the 777X contract by a margin of 67% to 33%. IAM International aerospace coordinate Mark Johnson made the announcement. Tom Wroblewski, 751 president,… Read More

IAM 751 Local rejects Boeing contract, say many members; still awaiting word

We’re at the IAM 751 headquarters with ballot-counting continuing. Media is excluded from the counting room, but many members with access tell us waiting here that the contract is being rejected, probably by a wide margin. We are… Read More

Tonight’s IAM 751 vote on the Boeing 777X contract

The IAM International, which has put the local 751 leadership and media team on ice and which is running today’s election, says the results will be available around 9pm PST. International has announced that no media will be… Read More

Today’s the big day for Boeing, IAM, WA State and rivals

Today is Wednesday, Nov. 13, and it is the big day for Boeing, IAM, Washington State and rival states wanting to build the Boeing 777X. IAM 751, the local union that provides the “touch labor” to assemble all… Read More

The implications of the American-US Airways merger for OEMs

The agreement between American Airlines, US Airways, the US Department of Justice and the states suing to block the merger to settle their lawsuits clears the way for AA-US to merge. This has implications for the Big Four… Read More

Odds and Ends: Right to Work; Middle East influence; latest on Boeing-IAM

Right to Work or Right to Worse: One of the more controversial issues in the relationship between Boeing and the IAM is Boeing’s continuous threat of removing work from union-heavy Washington and putting it in Right to Work… Read More

Countdown to the IAM 751 vote Wednesday on Boeing’s contract offer

The vote of IAM 751 membership on the Boeing contract proposal is Wednesday, and over the weekend, some disturbing details emerged in the non-stop coverage locally. The Seattle Times’ Dominic Gates reports that it’s now clear there is… Read More

Special to Leeham News: A compromise on pension plan

With the IAM 751 membership vote scheduled for Wednesday this week, one of the biggest areas of controversy is Boeing’s plan to eliminate the defined pension benefit plan in place now and replace it with a 401(k) plan…. Read More

Latest on Boeing v IAM v WA State in 777X drama

Here are some developments since Friday in the drama over Boeing vs the IAM 751 and Boeing vs the Legislators in Washington State in the effort to site the 777X at Everett, Boeing’s main wide-body production plant and… Read More

Boeing to explore options on 777X

Boeing issued this statement late last night on the news the IAM likely won’t approve the contract offer in exchange for Boeing siting the 777X assembly in Everett: All of our options are still on the table, including… Read More