DOD worries about sequestration affect on non-defense industries

The National Journal magazine has an interesting article detailing why the Defense Department is worried about the impact on non-defense sectors. Among the key points in the article: Half Boeing’s revenue comes from the commercial aircraft sector and… Read More

KC-30 performing well for Australia; Boeing C17, Lockheed C130, Alenia C27J

The Airbus KC-30 is performing well, according to this article. Here is a PDF of the report referenced in the article: Airbus Tanker Proves Its Worth The same writer prepared this piece on transport aircraft, including the Boeing… Read More

BAE Systems is growth opportunity for EADS

Update, Sept. 13: Here are some stories from today: Bloomberg: EADS move seen by Boeing as growth; Revives decade-old plan; and this update about the rankings: BAE is the ninth biggest vendor to the U.S. government, with $7.3… Read More

Farnborough Air Show preview

Overview This is really expected to be a boring show from the perspective of orders. Airbus has been downplaying expectations following last year’s Paris Air Show blow-out of more than 1,200 A320neo orders. How can you match that?… Read More

Boeing seeks cybersecurity recruits

Boeing’s Defense unit created a cybersecurity division a few years ago as the company recognized the growing threat to national security and the need to diversify from traditional weaponry with changing defense needs. Here is a story today… Read More

Aerospace Conference Feb. 9-10

The Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance holds it annual conference Feb. 9-10 in Lynnwood (WA). This growing conference is one of the premier events on the US West Coast. Airbus and Boeing Commercial are regular presenters; this year Boeing… Read More

“We want competition”

There is a competition underway for a military airplane in which the government is leaning toward a sole-source selection. The competition to the favored airplane company is advocating for a competition, saying the government will get a better… Read More