Odds and Ends: Retrofit interior for 737, A320; CRJ200F; CSeries FTV assembly starts

Retrofit Interior for 737: Heath Tecna, an interiors firm, is offering a Boeing-like Sky Interior design for retrofit with a target market of more than 3,000 Boeing 737NGs. APEX magazine’s Mary Kirby (formerly of Flight Global) has this… Read More

Key supplier says engine makers unsure of Boeing ramp up plans

A key supplier says engine makers aren’t as positive about plans by Boeing to ramp up production. Allegheny Technologies hosted an investors’ day last month. In a note issued September 14 by Buckingham Research Group, BRG wites: ATI… Read More

Airbus, Boeing battle for US MAX-NEO market share

With the announcement by Alaska Airlines for 20 737 MAX 8s, 17 737 MAX 9s (and 13 Next-Generation 737-900ERs), Airbus and Boeing continue their battle for the US market. There are still a number of customers who have… Read More

EADS-BAE merger off; government interference, key shareholder kill it

The EADS-BAE Systems merger is off, killed by a combination of government interference and a key BAE shareholder who opposed it. Read here and here and here. We favored the merger as a way to get the French… Read More

Military contracts exempt from government subsidies

A new round of news articles has emerged concerning launch aid to Airbus for the A350. This one is typical. It and others tied the subsidies identified in the long-running WTO case received by Airbus to the proposed… Read More

Odds and Ends: A350 launch aid; strike at Bombardier biz jets; Embraer demand off; EADS-BAE

A350 Launch Aid: The US Trade Rep says it has the documents outlining $4.5bn in launch aid for the Airbus A350, according to a Reuters story. Predictably, Boeing and the USTR have gone in to overdrive. The A350… Read More

SPEEA and Boeing: the next round

The Seattle Times has this story about the latest developments in the contract negotiations between SPEEA and Boeing. The Everett Herald has this story. Note the discussion of moving jobs in The Times story and note what we… Read More

Bob Crandall assesses the situation at American

AMR risks cash erosion following seat issues Following our post yesterday about American Airlines, Terry Maxon, the aviation reporter for The Dallas Morning News and one of our oldest friends in this business, sent us this link to… Read More

The downward spiral of American Airlines

We’ve been watching with dismay the downward spiral of American Airlines. This once-great carrier is hardly recognizable any more. It is perplexing to us how a management team that got its training under Robert Crandall and helped create… Read More

Odds and Ends: GOL orders 60 MAX-8s; Qatar says GEnx engine fault delays 787s; SPEEA deal “within few weeks”

GOL Orders the MAX: Boeing and the Brazilian airline GOL announced an order for 60 737 MAXes. The press release did not specify sub-type but GOL tells us the order is for the MAX 8. Qatar’s 787s: Qatar’s… Read More