Some retrospective thoughts of 2012

As the year winds down, we look back and view the year as somewhat anti-climatic. We thought Boeing would make a decision on what to do about the 777X. Hasn’t happened. We thought there would be a formal… Read More

DOD worries about sequestration affect on non-defense industries

The National Journal magazine has an interesting article detailing why the Defense Department is worried about the impact on non-defense sectors. Among the key points in the article: Half Boeing’s revenue comes from the commercial aircraft sector and… Read More

Boeing details 737 improvements

With a tip of the hat to Jon Ostrower and his Tweet, here’s a link to some detail about the improvements to the Boeing 737. Given the Airbus write-up in its advertisement about the MAX, we thought this… Read More

Ad wars, continued–Airbus fires Round Three

This week’s issue of the trade magazines has Round Three of the Airbus response to Boeing ads. Click to enlarge.

Odds and Ends: Progress on the KC-46A; Southwest and AirTran; British Air’s A380

KC-46A Progress: National Defense magazine has this update on progress of the Boeing KC-46A tanker. According to the article, progress is proceeding well. Southwest Airlines and AirTran: Southwest Airlines is the USA’s legacy low-cost carrier, and it has… Read More

Odds and Ends: SPEEA says strike is likely; CFM LEAP update

SPEEA v Boeing: The Seattle Times reported that there is a very high chance of a strike by SPEEA against Boeing come February. This is, of course, bad news for all concerned. SPEEA is already talking about a… Read More

Mystery Photo #5

The PBY and the Accountant were too easy. Even the Boeing B&W was quickly identified. How about this one? Think very broadly. Sunday: I flim-flammed you, though CBL was close: This car is in the LeMay Museum in… Read More

Airbus v Boeing: another round of what the customers tell us

With the recent spat upping the media war between Airbus and Boeing over whose airplanes offer better economics, we’ve been once more asking customers what their analyses conclude. Nothing has changed from our earlier conversations. As recent media… Read More

Odds and Ends: Bombardier lands Delta’s RJ deal; 787 events in perspective; Airbus/China; Enders victory

Delta Air Lines: Bombardier, in a welcome development, landed a major order with Delta for 40+30 CRJ900s, beating out Embraer’s E-Jet proposal. Delta has a large, installed base of CRJs and EMB wasn’t too optimistic, in management-analysts meetings… Read More

SPEEA, Boeing suspend talks at Mediator’s request

Boeing and its engineers’ union, SPEEA, suspended talks Dec. 4 until after the first of the year at the request of the federal Mediator. Boeing and SPEEA issued terse statements citing the Mediator but adding no comment of… Read More